Good morning from NOSH POSH!

by BG O’Neal

Can we ever be grateful enough for God’s magnificent grace and mercy to us? I think not! I am so thankful that I know Jesus as my Lord and Savior. He is all sufficient as the Son of God. Because of him I do not have to face the wrath of God! Eye has not seen nor ear heard of all the splendor we shall behold.

Oh the glory of the Lord! One day we shall see him as he really is! And he is blessing us now day by day! We can not fathom all the beauty he has in store for his saints! Wow! Just wow! I can not adequately describe his goodness to me! You???

“Serve and worship the awe-inspiring God. Recognize his greatness and bow before him, trembling with reverence in his presence. Fall facedown before him and kiss the Son before his anger is roused against you. Remember that his wrath can be quickly kindled! But many blessings are waiting for all who turn aside to hide themselves in him!” Psalms 2:11-12 TPT


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