A TIME TO PLUCK UP That Which Is Planted!

by BG O’Neal and Cameron Frye

Just like we covered in a time to give birth and a time to die, there is also a time to plant something (give birth to) and a time to pluck up (a time for things to die). Solomon is giving another contrast to this truth, but let’s think about it from another perspective as well,

For example, what about a tree or bush that has become barren or decayed? It no longer becomes fruitful and productive. Well, you are the planting of the Lord! Does he not have a right to pluck you up from where you are to plant you elsewhere? You have become barren in the field you are in. He might even move you five states away to fulfill His will.

We do not believe he will do so unless you have been faithful in service where you presently are. You need to have been honorable and respectful to the leaders over you! When God transplants you, He May switch up how you serve. You may have been a Worship Pastor previously, but now, He wants you to work as a counselor in Adoption Ministry.

This is why we don’t move on a whim. We let God choose when our work is finished in a particular area. He will orchestrate it to move you, pluck you up, and plant you where He desires. Allow the Holy Spirit to deal with you on discrepancies in your life. Be sure you are submissive to His will before you move forward.

Cleanse yourself, pull down strongholds! Listen! Obey! Be willing! God will root you up and plant you where He wants to! It’s all a matter of trust! You are his planting! He will place you where you need to be! Be sure you have no bitterness, malice or wrath working in you. Be cleansed! Let the water of his word rush over you! You will be blessed!

Maybe you are in a leadership position in a church or organization and have employees you oversee. What if you have an employee that has stopped producing fruit? As the “farmer”, that needs to be addressed and handled before it affects others or people in your congregation. The farmer needs to pluck up the old and give birth to the new, or find a way for a withering plant to be brought back to full health.

The beauty of this passage is that it relates to so much in our lives. Its truth transcends social class, race, gender, or income. Humility is essential for “plucking up” because we are reminded that God doesn’t “need us” (he can use anybody), but that he chooses us for specific seasons to accomplish his will. This is a gift and a privilege to be used by Him.

You are the planting of the LORD! Allow him access to uproot and plant you where He will. He always has a higher purpose! Trust Him!

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6 thoughts on “A TIME TO PLUCK UP That Which Is Planted!

  1. My husband is transitioning from senior pastor to second man. We’ve left the parsonage and are living with my mother who, at 86, could not live alone. It’s been difficult on all fronts but God is good, faithful, and always working for our good. PTL! Thank you for your words of affirmation, and for following me. May you be blessed.

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